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I’ve just seen on TV a woman who pays no more than £15 – 20 a week on her shopping. How does she do this? She’s a ‘yellow sticker hunter‘. ‘YSH’ are people who wait until certain times of the day to visit supermarkets to get reduced items, and boy can they get serious.

Supermarkets reduce produce that is out on that day to just pence in some cases, which is where the bargains can be had. However, it’s not for everyone and works great for others. The woman was saying that she never goes to the supermarket with a shopping list, instead, she makes meals out of what she buys there reduced. It is important to mention that this is for food items only and doesn’t include any cleaning or cosmetic items such as bleach or shampoo.

This approach to buying is popular and let’s face it if we’re in the right place at the right time we’d all pick up a ‘cheap food bargain’. But in reality how many of us have the time or inclination to do it? I know I don’t, at the time these bargains become super hot, I want to sit and watch TV – and not be scrabbling around in a supermarket. But I do appreciate that this way of saving fits neatly in, and gives the buyer a huge buzz. But a lot of people work and have busy lifestyles.

Muriel (associate at a food store) said: “It never fails to amaze me, people actually come in and ask for reductions, and for freebies. Saying they can’t sell certain things (like yogurt, certain cakes etc) the next day. I personally have no objection to them doing this, but would urge them to think of others, shopping, bargains hunting or working. I have seen things get quite aggressive to the point where security has to be called“.

Why you might be a YSH:

  • Saves a packet on weekly food bills
  • Getting bargains gives you pleasure
  • Use the money saved to spend on other things
  • The thrill of it
  • You can boast about your bargains

Why you might not become a YSH

  • You have other things to do
  • Money is no object when shopping on food
  • You prefer fresh in date items
  • Certain ‘Use by’ dates might be exceeded if not used that day
  • You hate shopping at the best of times

So if you want to go shopping for Yellow Stickers you might want to know the following…

The times of discounting varies on different things, but for rough timings check out The Sun’s article on this same subject

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