About Moneysavers:

Moneysavers is in no way connected to any other sites or stores, except for those mentioned on this website. We were established in 2009 and have taken many shapes and forms. Moneysavers is, a small run operation who are not out to make money, but to bring the best of the freebies we find under one roof. We try to get the best looking site for free, and are currently using WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. We try to update as often as we can.

We look for freebies for both the USA and UK, and are based in the UK. However, if there are no freebies found we are likely not to post, we realise many peoples feeds can overflow. You can choose to check our freebies on WordPress, where you’ll find them organised into UK posts and USA posts. We also post the freebies we find individually on Twitter, which may result in posts not be continuous. Our Facebook page carries a simple link with a few posts to this site.

We source our freebies from various sources, other websites, TV adverts, Magazine/Newspaper adverts, Word of mouth, email, or other media sources. As stated new freebies are rarely found on a daily basis, which is why we may not post for a day or so.



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