There are a range of ‘apps’ which offer cashback and freebies, we plan to post those which we are aware of here and give our review (On those we use) here.

  1. Greggs rewards app: You download the app onto your mobile, and can use it to pay for your drinks and food in the bakery chain. You need to top up (auto top up is available in case you’re like me and forget). But the thing with the Greggs reward app is the freebies. Let’s start with the hot drink, for every seven you buy, you get the eighth free of charge. If that isn’t enough for you, the company often give out freebies such as free bottles of coke, free crisps, free cakes and more. A nice ‘quirk’ with this app is that on your birthday you get a free cake, their way of saying ‘Happy Birthday’. I particuarly like the Greggs rewards app, for the freebies. It’s said you only just need to download the app, in order to get the freebies. Additionally the download is one per phone, so one per member of the family perhaps? Check the official Greggs rewards website
  2. Checkoutsmart: CheckOutSmart (COS) is a great app which gives ‘cashback’ on things you buy at the supermarket. They frequently give 100% cashback on some items, making them free. Usually however, it is an amount which you get back. So it might be 50p off a packet of four yogurts. I like COS because they vary the choice, although some offers ‘hover’ for ages, while others go quickly. One thing I find with COS is that people get greedy, I have lost count of the times, I have gone to get my one or two offers, only to find the shelf empty. I then see on various websites (an TV in some cases) that people have cleared shelves of the offers – because they were so good. This defeats the object of the cashback sites, and makes people resentful. So I would advise if you see an offer you fancy taking advantage of, get to the store quickly. Additionally, COS posts offers that are exclusive to  certain stores. So if you live a village or small town with few retail outlets, this may not be ideal. See Check Out Smart website
  3. Shopitize: I have to confess Shopitize is one of my least favourite apps. This is mainly due to a lot of photos of receipts ‘not being recognised’. However, they do have a few decent offers (like money off milk, bread, vegetable etc). And if your receipt is accepted it all works well. However, when receipts are rejected – its’ frustrating (although this can happen on all apps, it seem more common on Shopitze) Check out Shopitize on google
  4. Topcashback Snap and Save: TCB Snap and save is a perfectly good way of earning, it generally covers similar offers to COS and another one we have to discuss (Quidco) See TCB snap and save TCB can be hit and miss with acceptance of receipts, but do have some differing offers – so are worth checking out.
  5. Quidco are very similar to COS, TCB and offer a similar range of offers with the odd differing one. Again it’s worth having all the apps, because if an offer appears on each you can utilise it on each app PROVIDING you have different receipts for each transaction. Receipts can rarely be upload twice to differing cash back apps. Each receipt is numbered and is identified on ‘most’ apps once uploaded. So buy multiple items and just be sure you pay separately for each one (getting a separate receipt for each) See Quidco Clicksnap
  6. Shopprize is a brilliant app, although in recent months they have reduced their payments. Shopprize will allow ALL your foody receipts, paying you a standard 120 points for each receipt uploaded. Once you reach 10,000 points you can claim a £5 Amazon voucher, which you can then spend on anything on Amazon. You’ll also get 60 point every day for logging into your account. It sounds long winded, but in actual fact if you upload every receipt you get (food wise) it’ll soon mount up. I currently have over 16,000 points on my account, and am saving them for a little treat – namely a CD. Check out Shopprize hereIf you quote code: q694i you’ll get 500 points to get your started
  7. Receipt Hog is another good app that takes ALL your receipts, although they limit the amount you can upload each week. With Receipt Hog you are able to upload receipts from food shopping, toy shopping, cloth shopping and more. Again you mount up points as you do with Shopprize and convert them into Amazon vouchers OR a paypal account payout.  It is worth doing, and if you remember to upload every receipt then points mount up nicely.  Check out Receipt Hog. If you quote soss1152  you’ll get bonus points when you upload your first receipts.
  8. Job Spotter. Well this isn’t a receipt uploader, but if your at the shops anyway, then it might be worth a view. With Job Spotter, you simply take pictures of any jobs advertised in shop windows, you know they sort like: Cleaner wanted or sales assistant wanted etc. Take one picture of the advertisement, and one of the shop name. You get points which can be cashed in (I’ve just started this). Pictures MUST be clear and easy to read (as in most of the apps), and must include the full jobs advert, and the shop name (Maximum two photos per job). Job Spotter on Google. Payout seems to be in Amazon vouchers

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