Freebies at Shopmium (UK)

Shopmium are offering no less than FOUR FREEBIES at the moment, they are Fuel, Cider, hit biscuits, an A2 Milk


Download the Shopmium app here:

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For Apple products click here 


Under referral code enter code KMMAMFAE You will then get a pack of four cornettos for free! If you do not enter the code the cornettos will not be available.


Free Babease baby food (UK)

baby food

Join their mailing list and get a free sample (print at home coupon). Check freebie

Single for Grenfell (Charity buy)

This is not a freebie or an offer, however, we felt it appropriate to post it. This is a post linking to Simon Cowell’s charity single for the dreadful fire at Grenfell Towers in London. Check single

Five Free Samples of Surecare detergent (UK)

Surecare sample.png

Washing detergent, is something we all use, so why not fill in the details and get FIVE free samples os Surecare detergent. Check freebie

Free ice cream (UK)




Checkoutsmart are giving away free ice cream, you just buy then upload your receipt.

Che4 free ice creamsck freebie


  • ASDA Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • ASDA Toffee Cones 4pk
  • ASDA Chocolate & Hazelnut Cones 4pkTesco Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • Tesco Chocolate & Nut Cones 4pk
  • Tesco Cookies & Cream Cones 4pk
  • Tesco Knickerbocker Glory Cones 4pk
  • Tesco White Chocolate & Raspberry Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Mint Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Chocolate & Nut Cones 4pk
  • Morrisons Nutty Chocolate Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Cookie Crumble Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Mint Choc Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Strawberry Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Toffee Ice Cream Cones 6pk

Free Highway Code (UK)

highway code.png

Updated in April this is the very latest version of the UK Highway Code – the bible of motorists. Check freebie

Free Liberte Yogurt (UK)


If you shop at Tesco online, add either a strawberry or blueberry Liberte yogurt (450g) to your basket. At checkout add code: GRJKGL and you’ll get the yogurt free. Check freebie