Free One Wash Sample of Persil Power Gems (UK)



Get a free sample of Persil Power Gems, one wash sample just by completing the short form.

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HOT: Free £5 spend (UK)

This was hugely popular the first time we posted it, so we thought it might be worth another share, in case you missed it. Click through Everything five pounds.

Then simply sign up to the website and you’ll get a free £5 voucher sent to you. Meaning you can pick any item on the website and just pay postage. Check freebie

Literally everything on the website is £5, and postage is just £3.95. Where else can you get a pair of shoes, dress, trousers, top or homeware for just £3.95 delivered?

Five Free Samples of Surecare detergent (UK)

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Washing detergent, is something we all use, so why not fill in the details and get FIVE free samples os Surecare detergent. Check freebie

Free Highway Code (UK)

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Updated in April this is the very latest version of the UK Highway Code – the bible of motorists. Check freebie

Free wild flower seeds (UK)

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Dobbies and Thompson and Morgan are giving away free wildflower seeds, just enter your email, then put in your delivery details. You can apply as an individual (gardening hero), council, healthcare, and many more. Check freebie

Get a £5 free spend – Hurry for extra deal!

Everything5pound is a website where everything is, well £5. Yes from shoes to dresses to menswear and even homeware. Pick what you want, and pay just postage for your items. And if you quote QUIDCOFREEPOST (today (22/5/17) only) you’ll get free postage, making your item FREE.

Update: QUIDCOFREEPOST is no longer working, but the link still works for £5 off

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Discounted or FREE deals (UK & USA)

This information applies to Both the UK and USA

NEW: A new Amazon offer site is now running in the form of Elite Deal Club It is the same as described below, with fewer items, which are renewed daily. Items go live about 10am and are taken off later in the day Check Elite Deal Club

Do you like trying products? Do you shop on Amazon? Then why not combine the best of both with a couple of websites, we’ve belonged to for a good while now (about two years). The first is AMZ. ONE Deals club. The second is Vipon. Both websites work identically and indeed have a similar feel, but you can truly get some great deals and freebies on both sites – I know, I’ve had lots.

So how do they work? Firstly click through a join either (or both) websites. As we’ve previously said both sites are pretty much the same, although they do contain differing items for sale. Once you log into your account, click on the link that says ‘go shopping‘ Pages of items currently on sale will appear and you have the joy of scrolling through to see if you would like to buy anything. Some discounts are not hugely great, and you may apply for the discount and not get it – so it’s not guaranteed in any way. Both sites allow you to pick 150 offers per month. In exchange they ‘like’ you to write a review (no declaration is now required, unlike when I first started with them), but it is not obligatory these days. You need to check back to see if you have been accepted (usually nearing the end date of the offer, although next day has been done on several times). Sometimes an email is sent to say you have got the offer, but not always. So if you get the offer, simply go to ‘check requests’ scroll down and accept the voucher. A code will instantly appear, you then click through (after copying the code) and click through to Amazon to buy the codes. It is IMPORTANT that you enter the discount code into the box at checkout. Once checkout is complete you can sit back and wait for your deal.

What goods do they have?

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Home ware
  • Kitchen items
  • Books
  • Music
  • Film
  • Children’s toys and clothes
  • Pets goods
  • and more besides

What have we had?

  1. Electronic door bells
  2. Electronic kitchen scales
  3. Blue tooth speaker
  4. Felt tip pens
  5. Digital forehead thermometer
  6. Toilet seat sticker (it was too cute not to apply)
  7. Outdoor flame-less candles
  8. A studded dog collar
  9. Plant set
  10. And many more too

What are the discounts?

Obviously they vary from seller to seller, but for all the items I can remember in the list above I paid a total of about £10 (including delivery). Considering the total is many times that amount, its a bargain. Discounts vary from a few pound off to Free (and free is always good)

What are the websites again?

  1. AMZ.One Deal Club
  2. Vipon


Are they worth the effort?

In my opinion, yes they are. We’ve had plenty of free or very near free offers. We have also managed to get lucky on some deals for electronic items. If you’re into ladies clothing they’ve had loads of that on there recently. And phone screens and cases etc are a normal on the sites, either free or pennies. Obviously it’s not worth trying for a deal just because you can, but for us it works and we are happy with everything we have had. What is worth bearing in  mind is that every sale comes from the Amazon website (even though it might be a seller on there)


Have you had any problems?

The worst thing that has happened to me is that a few codes haven’t worked, I then simply do not buy the product and contact the seller to let them know. In reality, of all the deals I have applied for, only two failed this way. Otherwise, I can truly say I haven’t had any issues

Why don’t you get all the deals you apply for?

In a nutshell, they are quite popular websites. Meaning there are a lot of users, if all users apply for the deals – it’s right to think that only ‘some’ will be lucky to get some deals.

Can I narrow the search of the masses of deals?

Yes, it is easy to do such a thing. Near the top there is a search bar, where you can narrow your search done by category, country, low to high/newest/expiring soonest etc. For example going this way you could search for Clothing on or electronics on