9 Free Washing Pods (P & P =£1)

You may or may not have heard of the new washing revolution sweeping the country, it is called Smol. we have used this for many months and are more than happy with it, each packet is small enough to fit through your letterbox, and delivered conveniently fortnightly, monthly or whenever you wish. Pause, change schedules is easy too.

Check freebie

We have created the most effective concentrate

By cutting out the middleman and delivering direct you can save up to 50% on your normal brand price.

A laundry revolution? 
Maybe just a smol one 😉

Possibly the smallest Laundry capsule in the world.

So concentrated it is smol enough to post through your letterbox.





Get free or heavily discounted goods


We have a whole article on Vipon, AmzOneClub and the like, but one that isn’t so popular is Elite Deals. All these sites offer heavily discounted items or FREE items which are selling on Amazon. This month alone I have had a spray mop (free), numerous phone cases (also free),  Fidget spinners (and fidget cubes, also free), Phone screens (20p), 16 Oral B replica heads (£2.40), Music stands (90p), Scratch maps (99p), Razors (99p). So you can see the advantages of belonging are quite good. Especially if you are Prime, as a lot of things are prime delivery (which means for things worth pennies, you can claim £1 no rush discount, making you 80p richer). I have in a few weeks accumulated £17 in No rush Amazon vouchers.

You’re probably thinking you’re too busy to ‘bother’. Well, in fairness the former two don’t have updates for the UK as much as we’d like. So what is the difference between them all?

AMZONECLUB; With this website, you have to ‘apply’ for the offer, then wait for possible months to find out if you have got it or not. If enough people are ahead of you in the queue, or you haven’t reviewed properly then you might not get the deal. I dislike this site because you have to wait. Although, I do not let this put me off of applying. Check out AMZONECLUB

Vipon: Vipon is another Amazon deal site, which is better than AMZ in my opinion. You can get ‘instant deals’ just by clicking the link under your chosen product, and buy the product and enter the code in the discount box at checkout. Also with Vipon, they have a section on up-coming deals showing you future deals you may want to keep an eye on. Check out Vipon

Elite Deals; is the last UK one that we are aware of. Elite deals don’t have as many offers available, and the ones that are available go very quickly. I like Elite though because you can only apply for one deal from 10am (the time new deals are put up), and once after 2pm.  Elite have a lot of mobile phone cases, supplements etc. This doesn’t mean to say they are inferior, because they do have other things too, so best keep your eyes open daily. Check out Elite Deals

Some people: Have bought items (for free or otherwise) and then donated them to charity (food bank, charity shops etc), while this isn’t the idea of these groups I doubt anyone would point a finger. The idea of these groups as far as I can see is to get positive feedback for the seller and product, so please bear in mind many of the sellers are small independent companies who can ill afford giving products away as the normal. So do consider a good review, if one is due and an average review if not.


goustogousto logo

Gousto is an online food delivery service, which has had us hooked from day one. Ordinarily, I’m not a chef. yes I can put things in the oven and cook them, but putting things together from my teeny weeny brain is a no-no, I really have no idea. Thankfully, Gousto gives me the opportunity to become a master chef. We have had many meals from them and most of them have been nothing short of delicious, and I cooked them.

How does it work? Easy! You simply go onto your account at Gousto and pick from the menu selection, those that you wish for that week. You can choose a meal plan for two people or four people (I use the four people, and the portions are pretty good). So, once you’ve picked your recipes and gone through check out, you can sit back and wait for your (FREE DELIVERY) box to arrive.  Each box has a shelf life of around  4 or 5 days, but they last beyond that in most cases.

Once your box arrives, you simply put it away and start cooking the recipe you choose. It’s not cheap but it’s not expensive either. Plus you get exactly what you need (no more, no less), so no waste. for sixteen meals I pay around £47 (which, if my maths is correct equates to under £3 per meal).

There are other services available, but I have found them nowhere near as reliable or tasty as Gousto.

If you’de like to try gousto and get 50% off your first two boxes, simply CLICK HERE: or cut and paste: https://www.gousto.co.uk/join?promo_code=DAVID8794379

Get 2 Months Taste Card for just £1 (UK)



Taste card is a way of saving money every time you eat out. Once you get your card you’ll be entitled to 50% discount at hundreds of restaurants and hotels across the UK including Pizza Hut, Prezzo, Chiquito, Ask Italian, Strada, Papa Johns and many more.



Bargain price DVD rental (Prime UK)


Amazon have a deal which you might have missed if you weren’t looking, they have HALF price rentals for prime members on top movies (see list below). Rent for just £1.99 (Or even free*)

You can hire top film rentals on AMAZON PRIME UK

Choose from…

  • Boss Baby
  • Ghost Shell
  • Kong Skull Island
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Life
  • Logan
  • Fifty shades darker
  • The great wall
  • Get Out
  • Passengers
  • Lego Batman Movie
  • Trainspotting 2


Check the movies 

If you order certain things off Amazon Prime, you can get £1 off your rentals (or collect and pay for them in full) by choosing ‘no speed delivery’ in the delivery options. I have had two movie rentals free so far, and have enough money saved up for another two.


Terms & Conditions

The Prime Member Deals promotion only applies to Amazon Prime, Prime Video, Amazon Student or Household account members (“Qualifying Customers”) located in the UK who rent selected movies on Amazon Video accessible via http://www.amazon.co.uk/video between 09:00 on 12 July 2017 and 10:00 on 11 September 2017 (the “Promotional Period”).

During the Promotional Period, Qualifying Customers can purchase selected movies on Amazon Video identified as part of this Offer (each a “Qualifying Item”) at the indicated discount (the “Offer”).

Qualifying Items will be subject to change and will vary throughout the Promotional Period.

The Offer is only available to Qualifying Customers. Any customers who are not Qualifying Customers (including Non-Prime customers) are not eligible for the Offer. The Offer is only valid during the Promotional Period on Qualifying Items. Offer only applies to rentals of Qualifying Items purchased from the Amazon.co.uk site.

Qualifying Customers must complete their purchase of the Qualifying Items during the Promotional Period in order to take advantage of the Offer.

Amazon Video reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Offer without notice at any time.


500g Anchor Spreadables for just £1 (UK)


Print your voucher here  

Once your printer has started to print, click back and it should print another coupon hence you will be able to get two packs. In Tesco, at the moment they are £2 each (Until 15/08/2017). Making them just one pound each (£1.00)

Cheap Ladies watch (UK)


This lovely ladies watch is selling for just £1.66 DELIVERED. I’ve just ordered a few for gifts.Brilliant bargain! Check freebie