Free Natural samples (UK and USA)

Whether you’re in the UK or USA you can take advantage of getting a choice a free Maple Holistics Natural Samples. Complete the form and pick your choice of freebie from:

  1. Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner
  2. Pet shampoo
  3. Beard oil
  4. Lemon oil shampoo
  5. Pure carrier oil
  6. Natural Body butter
  7. Natural Lubricant
  8. Essential oil
  9. Raw organic honey
  10. Tea tree shampoo
  11. Hot cream
  12. Shampoo for dry hair
  13. Argan shampoo
  14. Natural shampoo
  15. Massage oil
  16. Natural conditioner

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Free Triple Lipid 2: 4: 2 (USA)


Get a free Triple Lipid Restore 2: 4: 2 treatment  Check freebie

Free sample of Tummy Zen (USA)

tummy zen


Get a free heart burn relief sample by scrolling down until you find the ‘free sample’ button, and clicking through to complete your details. Check freebie

Free supplements (USA)

natural supplements

Get free samples of natural supplements, a choice of four to pick from. Check freebie

Free sample of natural mineral sunscreen (USA)

goddess garden

We all need sunscreen, and this product is made from Natural Minerals, and you can get a free sample by completing the form. Check freebie

Free Sekksei samples (USA)


Grab a free sample of Sekksei Lotion and Herbal gel just follow the link and enter your details. Check freebie

Free Better Breathe strips (USA)

better breathe.jpg

These strips hold your nasal holes open to help aid sleep, ease breathing, and stop snoring. You can get a sample just by telling them where to send it, Check freebie