man on  edge Hard times can hit anyone, make no mistake about it! Things these days are rarely as stable as we’d like to think? And in the recession, we see no end of companies collapsing under their financial burdens. But of the downside isn’t just another shop shutting? It extends to people losing their jobs, other companies losing money, and overall people worrying and fretting about how to pay the mortgage or other bill.

Let’s face it banks are hardly friendly places, but it may be worth speaking to your bank to agree an arranged overdraft if you need it. Additionally speaking to those you owe money to, will help ease the situation, and it is best advice to speak as soon you become aware of problems. But we are far from experts in this matter, so we advise the following places to seek help if things are bringing you down and you are worrying about money. You may also email us in confidence if you just want ‘to let off steam’ or share your thoughts. Simply use our contact page.

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Payplan are a leading company that offer FREE (Free being the essential key word) help when things go wrong. They are funded by donations. Operating for 19 years they are experts in the field of offering financial help.


Citizen’s Advice Bureau are probably the leading advice centre for all matters of advice. And they can help with debt advice too, again their advice is FREE

Another service which was set up by the British Government is the Money Advice Service, who offer advice on all matters financial.


national debthelpline

National Debt helpline is  another dedicated service to helping people who owe money, and who are finding it a  struggle to repay. They operate a separate website for people in Scotland as laws differ, so click here for their  Scottish helpline website.


More as we gather information


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