Free ice cream (UK)




Checkoutsmart are giving away free ice cream, you just buy then upload your receipt.

Che4 free ice creamsck freebie


  • ASDA Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • ASDA Toffee Cones 4pk
  • ASDA Chocolate & Hazelnut Cones 4pkTesco Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • Tesco Chocolate & Nut Cones 4pk
  • Tesco Cookies & Cream Cones 4pk
  • Tesco Knickerbocker Glory Cones 4pk
  • Tesco White Chocolate & Raspberry Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Mint Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4pk
  • Sainsbury’s Chocolate & Nut Cones 4pk
  • Morrisons Nutty Chocolate Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Cookie Crumble Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Mint Choc Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Strawberry Cones 6pk
  • Morrisons Toffee Ice Cream Cones 6pk

Free Highway Code (UK)

highway code.png

Updated in April this is the very latest version of the UK Highway Code – the bible of motorists. Check freebie

Free Nivea Men sample (USA)

nivea men

Get a free sample of Nivea creme just by completing the form on the landing page. Check freebie

Free Diabetes medications for 1 yr (USA)


Blink Health are giving away free diabetic medication (for type two) for a whole year. You add your medication to cart, checkout (for nothing) and pick up from your pharmacist. Medication available: Metformin, Glipizide, and Pioglitazone

Check freebie

Free Health Checks (USA) 17.6.17

free health checks


On Saturday between 10 am and 2 pm you can get a free medical check up at Walmart. This includes Blood pressure, Blood glucose, BMI, Free samples and low-cost vaccinations. Check freebie

Free Dolls cothes patterns (USA)

dolls clothes

If you’ve got children the chances are one has a doll, and searching for clothes for a doll can be expensive and tedious. Well here are over 20 patterns for free to make for your little ones, little one. Check freebie

Free All-Bran cereal (USA)

all bran crunch

Get a delicious, nutritious, box of cereal for free. All-Bran Multigrain Crunch is new, add some fruit and make it even tastier. Check freebie