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When you go shopping there are a few things to remember before setting off, whether on-line or in store – the rules apply. In today’s society where prices are seemingly constantly on the rise, and our pennies are getting fewer. Prices for every day essentials are a huge ‘drain’ and I use that term loosely, because in fact they are not a drain – they are things we need to keep us fit and healthy. For example we all need to eat, we all need heat in the winter, we all need water and drink, and really we all want a good time from time to time. So let start talking saving pounds….

First rule is to write and STICK to a shopping list. It is so easy (I’ve overspent many times by being lured by the stores ‘offers’). So unless you are on a spending spree – the list is a great start! The supermarkets create ‘deals’ that are tempting and lure us in, but are they really the value they suggest for you at the time of shopping? Think: “Do I NEED this?” For example bread is a staple in our diets (for most) so if there are two loaves of bread for £1.00 instead of £1.00 each, then it might be worth topping up the freezer. However, if you already have ten loaves in the freezer, is it really worth it? It really is a case of  ‘re-retraining your brain’ and ignoring the temptation of ‘the lure’

Next check to see if any vouchers are available. If your going into store check out places such as TOPCASHBACK, QUIDCO, HOTUKDEALS  are among the leading websites to check, although a quick search on-line will reveal more. The websites listed, all carry vouchers/codes, although that’s where the difference stops between certain ones. Topcashback and Quidco are very similar (I’ll deal with those in a minute), while Hotukdeals offer freebies, deals, vouchers, competitions and more. Hotukdeals is updated by members who have found an amazing deal, freebies or voucher/code. Whereas the other two are more ’employee’ based, although they have member interaction on forums and posting codes under retailers.

Topcashback AND Quidco offer CASHBACK on every purchase you make on-line when you click through their relevant links on site. You are often able to use discount codes to bring the price down even more. I cannot stress enough how important it is to try your retailer through TOPCASHBACK or QUIDCO, then add your discount code (online) and get your item(s) cheaper with rebate into your cashback account.


Other ways to save

If you’re with O2 their priority app is wonderful! It took me a year before I plucked up the courage to actually go in a shop and use it, but then I was hooked. Currently they have a FREE coke Zero every Wednesday and Saturday at WHSmith, plus they have other freebies (Chocolate, cards, loom maker etc) They also have discount codes for online and in store retailers, so its worth using if you have it.

Additionally EE have their free cinema place on Wednesdays with one paying adult, which is a cheaper way to have a good night at the cinema.

Energy & TV

Remember most energy companies allow you to move without penalty (unless your a new customer already in some cases). So go online to your cashback site and click through an energy comparison site, which pays you a fee if you complete the change online at that time. At any rate you’ll get an idea if you’re paying too much. Similarly you TV could be costing you too much, Most TV companies will offer some benefit if you ring up to cancel at the end of your contract – they want to retain your business. So its worth trying to look for a new (possibly cheaper) supplier and ringing to let your present company know. Doing this I personally have been offered a reduction, and know of many other people who have also. Additionally if you have sky yourself there is a way in which you can equip another household with your channels for just £10 a month. All you need to do is get a ‘second TV box’ and set it up. Now believe it or not I know someone who has set up a TV with one of these little devices in another country and although the station choices aren’t changeable they can and do view their TV abroad, for just £10.


If you check newspapers, magazines and coupon websites, you are sometime able to not only get products for free (often used in conjunction with cashback sites), but you can sometimes get extra money paid on top of the freebie. So for example:

You need some kitchen roll and its half price at £1 in the shop. You know there is a coupon for 50p online, which you subsequently print out and hand in when you buy it. But then you realise there is also £1 off a buy at one of the  cashback app. Hence you have got your kitchen roll for free AND also made 50p profit. It’s important to say that this isn’t particularly frequent, but this sort of deal DOES happen.If you and your partner have an account each on your cashback app you are able to do it twice, if you children (appropriately age) have accounts then you can stock up a little.

Check online for discounts codes at

Print coupons at home

There are other sources online, which I would encourage you to do a search for.

This page may be updated often without notice, please check back regularly

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